About LR

Lunatic Radio began in 2001 out of genuine love for radio and a desire to make people laugh. It has become a show that brings it’s audience “slice of life” entertainment that includes personal stories, perspectives on pop culture and current events as well as interviews with actors, comedians and musicians.

This show exists because of the listeners. Lunatic Radio has one of the most dedicated followings in internet radio that, thru word of mouth, has become worldwide and continues to grow. A community has been built between the show and the audience where the listener is considered the 4th personality with many opportunities to participate. Lunatic Radio is written and produced by the 2 on-air members who work hard to deliver honest, ego-free, relatable content every show. Everyone involved cooperate in order to produce a professional quality show both in a technical sense and in entertainment value. Every listener of Lunatic Radio knows it is a labor of love.


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To put it simply, Kieran is Lunatic Radio. He is the show’s creator, host, and linchpin. Kieran effortlessly steers the show from topic to topic in a manner that appears controlled and making haphazard structured radio sound as natural as a conversation with friends. He approaches his roll on the show as the everyman with unfiltered honesty that fans of the show relate to on a personal level.


Rockit is the lovable, positive thinking, hype-man co-host who actually began his relationship with Lunatic Radio as a listener. After meeting with Kieran, it became clear that the two had great chemistry. Rock’s energy and willingness to be the sacrificial lamb for the entertainment of the listener makes him invaluable. Off air, Rock makes the show possible with his expertise in internet programming and technical production.