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Kendra Jade

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Show includes: Comedian Josh Goguen and Scott’so, Kendra Jade Interview, Kanye West Sucks, Chris Penn’s Death, Jenny BJ and Carrie Cape Cod, Ronnie Beans on Vacation, ABC’s Bob Woodworth, Hotties of the Week… etc.

Super Agent Mike Esterman

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Show Includes: Comedian Josh Goguen, Super Agent Mike Esterman, Top 5 Annoying Songs, Wrestling, Kobe Bryant’s 81, Phat Kev’s Hole In One, Wu-Tang vs. Public Enemy, Sirius Censorship, Drunk Calls, Hotties of the Week… etc.

Make-up show (Greg Fitzsimmons)

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Since this was a make-up show for the podcast listeners we decided to change things up and have Ronnie Beans host show in place of Kieran. This was Ron’s first time as the host and behind the board.

Show Includes: American Idol, Greg Fitzsimmons audio, Mayor Ray Nagan, foreplay, Jenny Blow Job stunt, Family Feud, Rockit calls-in, Leif Garrett, Jolie and Pitt, Hotties of the Week… etc.

Comedian Jim Tews

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Show Includes: Troops listening, XM Satellite Radio Petition, Emily Stern, Comedian Jim Tews, Dirty Hun, Lindsay Lohan on Coke (?), Ashlee Simpson Sex Tape, Toni Braxton in Playboy, Fattest Cities, Drunk Calls, Dave Letterman vs. Bill O’Reilly, Atlantic City Hookers, Jacking in Public, Hotties of the Week… etc.

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