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asian sensation

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This week’s show has been uploaded. Huge thanks to Jen from TPS Radio and Race Car Johnny for joining us on the program.

Show Topics Include:
In Studio: Simon, WVU chokes, potential boxing match, college football talk, Sports Buffet returns on TPS Radio, Cringe Humor Awards, Reese Witherspoon vs. Ann Hathaway, Race Car Johnny’s birthday call, Jon Lajoie’s 2girls1cup song, Rockit sings Dane Cook, Drunk Calls … Etc.

Expo Special

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This week’s live show recorded at the Podcast and New Media Expo has been uploaded. Huge thanks to Ray at TPS/TPX radio and the guys over at Ubroadcast for showing us an outstanding weekend. The work they both did to make this possible was amazing and Rock and I truly appreciate everything. Furthermore, special thanks to everyone who joined us out west for the live broadcast. There’s too many to name but you know who you’re… thank you so much. Special thanks to Mike at Cappello Clothing for providing our attendees with some swag… the broadcast got so crazy we failed to mention his contribution but he was certainly not forgotten.

Also, special thanks to adult film star Trina Michaels for joining us for the live broadcast. Trina was great and she deserves all of our thanks for making the long trip out and sticking around afterward to sign autographs and take picture with anyone who wanted one. Please show your love by checking out her website or dropping her a line via myspace.

It was a great weekend… and who knows, maybe we’ll do it bigger a better next year when the expo hits Vegas. But hopefully we’ll have a real gig by then.