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LunaticRadio 12-28-18 “Chuck Netherton With The News”

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This week’s LunaticRadio Friday Nights episode is dedicated to
Chuck Netherton. No more Unboxing videos in 2019. Subscribe to LunaticRadio via Youtube and itunes.

Topics/Tags: Unboxing Videos, Nude Scenes of 2018, Trends that need to stop in 2019, Chuck Netherton with the news.

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Mickey Dolenz, Roxy DeVille

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Special thanks to Mickey Dolenz for guest hosting this week as we continue to search for a fulltime replacement. Also, thank you to porn star Roxy DeVille for joining us on the program.

Show Topics Include:
New Guest Host, New Years, ABC and Dick Clark, Roxy DeVille Interview, Jenny BJ’s Christmas Gifts, Gordon Lightfoot, Mike Tyson, Saddam Hussien, Kieran’s Loses It, Listener Emails, Drunk Calls … Etc.

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Ben Glieb

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Ben Gleib from the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Scott’so, Phat Kev at the Fiesta Bowl, Live, 2006 Predictions, Best Internet Video’s of 2005, New Years, Donald Trump, Drunk Calls, Hotties of the Week