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Eve Lawrence vs. Kate Frost

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Huge thanks to comedians Mark Anthony Ramirez and Josh Goguen for joining us on the program. Also, be sure to join us at Caroline’s on Broadway, located in Time Square this Friday night for the Cringe Humor Show featuring Patrice O’Neal.

Show Topics Include:
Patrick from CH, Cringe Humor Show, Eve Lawrence vs. Kate Frost, Paris Hilton in Jail, Sopranos, letting Josh Goguen bomb, Jenny BJ "high on life," Dr. Rockit, South Korean caller, comedian Mark Anthony Ramirez checks in, Lindsay Lohan, Asian lady in LR chat room, Drunk Calls … Etc.

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Comedian Jim Tews

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Show Includes: Troops listening, XM Satellite Radio Petition, Emily Stern, Comedian Jim Tews, Dirty Hun, Lindsay Lohan on Coke (?), Ashlee Simpson Sex Tape, Toni Braxton in Playboy, Fattest Cities, Drunk Calls, Dave Letterman vs. Bill O’Reilly, Atlantic City Hookers, Jacking in Public, Hotties of the Week… etc.