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Best or Worst of 2006

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This week’s show has been uploaded. It’s the 2006 Best Of edition… I extracted some clips we thought gave you folks a laugh and threw them into one show for your listening enjoyment.

Segment, Bits, or Banter Include: 
Phat Kev Talks MySpace, Gay Climber, Negative Email, To Catch A Predator: Celebrity Edition, Hottest College Radio DJ: Nikki Reed, Kanye West Rant, Michael Ian Black, Jessica Drake Interview, Pam B. Touches Gigi, The Gigi, Krazy Klown, Psychostick, Belladonna Interview, Vox Has Sex, Cell Phone Rant, Jamie Kennedy Interview, Carrie Cape Code Wants Sex, Obscure Noises In Porn, Rory T-Bags Wife, High School Reunion, Bill Burr Does Philly, Dick Cheney Shoots Friend, Kieran Calls A Girl… Etc.

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Porn Star Taryn Thomas

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Show Topics Include: Porn Star Taryn Thomas, Comedian Scott’so, Ronnie Dumbass Beans And His Cart Girl, Obscure Noises In Porn, Gay Climber (?), Rapping Traffic Lady, A Drunk Jenny BJ, Drunk Calls, Hilton Audio, Hotties Of The Week, Etc.