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Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:45 pm Reply with quote
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a little seems that this year��s Christmas Eve, the happy deer ringing, no longer belongs to me, turn on the computer, Sleep, friends, classmates tide greeting cards to introduce my eyes. Yes! I still have friends, loved ones, and the blessings they gave me, such as the brilliant fireworks, light up the sky in my heart, let me start to thaw like a snowy world! Inadvertently Cigarettes For Sale, I revealed my loneliness on Christmas Eve to my classmates in the QQ group. The students immediately sent a lot of gentle words, which made my heart burst into warmth and sorrow..." I am busy picking up the handset, it is my mother! "Dongdong, I am really sorry, Mom and Dad have no time to spend the best Christmas Eve with you, we can only say to you on the phone: Merry Christmas! I know that you only have one person now, but you have to know that loneliness is also a kind of setback. It is an indispensable condiment on the dishes of life. Everyone needs to taste. Life needs to be alone and hone! "I know, Mom, I understand that you are very lonely when you are missing, but our hearts are always connected together because we are a family!" Night Marlboro Gold, it is still so quiet, the snow outside the window is still flying in the sky, I feel no longer lonely and sad, because I have relatives, friends, classmates, have their blessings and care, have their deep love Accompanied, I am still lonely, so I walked out of the door, and wanted to have a warm embrace with the winter night tonight, opened the curtains and looked into the distance, the black night again shrouded our quiet town. In this quiet night, maybe I am in this small town, and I still have a little boy who is eager to write a book. Yes, the teacher said that the second day is the most crucial year in junior high school. The task of learning is naturally heavier than the first day. Some fathers are still not sleeping. As always, I am accompanying my homework, although sometimes I I often complain about him, I don��t have to accompany it, and I don��t need to worry about it Wholesale Cigarettes. Can be savored and found that his actions are quite reasonable. The father came over and knew that only reading, would not be as hard and lively as his generation. No wonder the father poured all his love and hope into my body. As I grew up, I began to understand his difficulties. Sometimes I can't wait for it to be like three heads and six arms. I will finish the learning task well soon. He can rest a little earlier, but unfortunately it may be that I am not talented, and I have a wooden mind bag. Not only can I not catch up with my companion, but I have to do it every time at 9 o'clock. And whenever this time my father will always be around me, help me do this. Heated the towel; hungry for snacks. Then, I will sit quietly beside me and check my homework, or look at my textbook night, still so quiet. The lights are brighter and more dazzling. This situation makes me understand: I am no longer the childish boy who has been carefree all day long, and my father has already entered middle age, and the two begin to look white. I suddenly feel like: spring The warm fatherly love is always in my study, filled in every quiet night, warm in my heart room. Looking at the tired father who was tired and snoring, suddenly found that ordinary, in my heart is such an important, seems to be irreplaceable, what he did for me is some ordinary trivial things However, in my heart, it is so noble and stalwart. With fatherly companionship, I always feel warm as spring. I am the father's whole - love and hope. How warm and comfortable my heart is at this moment!
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