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Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 2:40 am Reply with quote
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Crack the window to steal the cigarette suining a robber was glass cut artery died

"Suining a man strike a high street and the town hebei lane junction any supermarket glass, burglary, along with five cigarettes, because of tension, was in the escape their smashed glass tore his or her left leg arteries, ultimately, bled to death upon October 15, at 1 / 2 past six in the morning, some sort of cleaner in suining metropolis high street and the city of hebei province lane junction, look for a man fall in a swimming pool of blood, and instantly report to the police. Public protection police and the 120 unexpected emergency center personnel rushed towards the scene and found that the guy was dead because the website has a long blood, law enforcement Cheap Newport 100s think this is a criminal situation at the beginning, but by visiting as well as video monitoring around the picture, to be obtained in the end, the authorities confirmed that the man passed away in the accident, according to the checking at 4: 15 each morning, the day man smashed cup of supermarket, to take are climbing into the supermarket of stealing, with 5 cigarettes. The person committed the crime Marlboro Cigarettes Online for jus about a minute, but in the actual escape from the supermarket, the whole person suddenly dropped to the ground, then, this individual crawled a few meters over the road, fled into a good alley opposite, leaving a new trail of blood since the alley is relatively remote, till the early hours of the early morning, the man's body had been found by cleaners. In the hand, the police found the mobile phone, mobile phone also has any call to a friend quantity. According to the investigation, the man surnamed yu, from suining, without a Newport Regular Cigarettes job, more than 20 years old, has been suspected of a gang number of theft cases in Mar this year was recorded through the public security organs, is not arrested.

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