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It's also torturous to watch helplessly as your head of bundles of hair becomes thinner and thinner. This post will concentrate on several reasons why you are losing your human hair for sale and reasons for your bundles hair shedding.

Uncover your hair shedding trigger if there is one. A trigger, an incident in your life that triggers your hair shedding, causes some hair shedding. Severe stress, illness, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, stopping or starting medications, scalp disease or surgery and anesthesia can all cause hair shedding as much as 3-4 months after the occurrence of the event. There are some cases like having a baby or pregnancy where there's no stopping hair shedding so you must wait for it to pass.

But in other cases like taking medications with unwanted effects or scalp or dermatological issues, waning hormones, sometimes addressing and fixing these matters can stop or slow the shedding. Lessening Inflammation and Supporting A Healthy Scalp And Hearty Re-growth While Waiting It Out: Despite the fact that lots of people will be worried about the semantics or whether or not they have TE / temporary shedding or AGA / genetic shedding, some of the best treatments for both of them are similar.

Also keep the scalp clean, stimulated and free of hair follicle clogging. Also do not cut back on washing of your hair thinking this might stop the hair shedding, if you do you might get an accumulation on your scalp that can turn TE into DHT making the problem much worse.

Washing with a gentle shampoo or conditioner and adding natural inflammatory like tea tree oil or emu oil, rinsing with apple cedar vinegar to cut down on build up. But don't forget to change your routine every once in a while, the body will adapt to consistencies and build an immune response to the same old thing day after day.

Please do not count the fallen hairs as this can cause anxiety, it's normal to shed between 50-100 hairs daily but counting your fallen hair will not stop or slow the hair fall, furthermore hair dose not only fallout after you bath or shower hair fall occurs with every part of one's day whenever you eat lunch sitting watching a movie or simply working.

Don't forget to wear the right colored clothing, if your hair is black don't wear white colored clothing as they'll be more noticeable to other people and when you're losing your hair, the fewer reminders the better. If your hair is blond then don't wear black clothes Yes, it sounds silly to observe what you wear, however if you're losing your hair you do not need constant reminders from other people.

Know that this phase in your own life will quickly pass often times hair shedding is frequently cyclical and will come in waves so better times are coming. Never toss in the towel and give up hope and never stop trying different hair shedding treatments until you find one that works, there is always new things to try and your next treatment that you use may stop and reverse the hair loss.

How do I know this you may be thinking? Because I lived it myself, after I researched my triggers my thyroid, adrenals, hormones scalp issues, hereditary and others and after a time I was able to alter my illness and regain a wholesome head of hair.
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