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Running in VFFs have helped my legs (and ankles and knees and feet) to feel the best they have in years. My wife even notices that they look stronger. I had Adidas Ultra Boost Womens swelling in one of my ankles due to the blood clot and that swelling has basically disappeared! I wear my VFFs for Adidas Campus Womens weight training and I am doing weights with my squats & dead lifts that I could only imagine in the past!Slowly & methodically working into my VFFs helped me avoid transition injuries. My wife will confirm that I can be a bit obsessive about things so I could have easily jumped in headfirst with these new shoes and got hurt quickly. But I headed the warnings online and am sure glad that I did.I was going through some videos I took last summer and came across an interesting one that I had shot of my daughter running toward my high speed video camera. The video below shows her landing on her forefoot on asphalt as she was running toward the camera – it’s filmed at 1000 frames-per-second, which is ridiculously fast. What’s cool about this video is that it shows how the fat Nike Air Max 270 Womens pad under the forefoot compresses during contact, and how Adidas Superstar Mujer the toes spread apart. This is what barefoot runners call “toe splay,” and it’s the reason why I and many other minimalist-style runners like a wide toebox in our running shoes.I just received a review pair of the Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove today. I ran in them tonight, but Merrell has requested that I hold off on a review until February, which is actually a good call since it will give me some time to put some miles on them (Update 2/27/2011: My review of the Merrell Trail Glove is now posted). In the meantime, I’d like to refer you to a glowing review of the Merrell Trail Glove posted over at the Barefoot Running University by Jason Robillard. Jason is working with Merrell to develop educational materials associated with the formal release of the Merrell Barefoot line (reported to be February 1), and if my first run was any Nike Air VaporMax Damen indication, Jason’s review is quite accurate.A few Nike Air Max 95 Femme weeks ago I posted a testimonial from reader Bob C. about his experience transitioning into minimalist running shoes. Bob managed to eliminate some nagging pain by changing his shoes and form, but also suffered a stress fracture in the process that he attributes to doing too much too soon. Bob’s was just one of many stories that I get in private emails, and he was kind enough to allow me to share it. In this post, I’d like to share the stories of two addition runners: Sgt. R. and Bob H.
The first story comes from a soldier who contacted me a few months ago. She is deployed overseas, and found success and escape from pain and injury by running in Vibram Fivefingers. For reasons that she describes below, she can no longer wear the VFF’s, so she emailed me with her story and a Nike Air Max 270 Homme request for alternative shoe suggestions. For more information on Vibram Fivefingers and other minimalist shoes in the military, check out this story on “Toe Shoes” in Army Times.Hi! My name is Sgt. R. and I’m a Soldier in the United States Army currently deployed Nike Air Max 90 Hombre to Kuwait. I bought my first pair of minimalist running shoes about 2 months ago; Vibram Sprints and Vibram KSOs… I wore the “correct” running shoes for my feet prior to this, so the Vibrams were a big change! According to the “slow motion eyeballs” at the shoe store I have pretty flat feet, my feet are wider than most my frame size, and my feet pronate inward. I continued to spend 100s of dollars on the newest running shoes, trying to keep away from injuries.A bit of my background: During basic training and my advanced training I suffered stress fractures in the right Nike Air Max 90 Femme side of my pelvis, stress fractures in my shins, and 3 broken bones in my left foot (I believe the broken bones in my left foot were due to me overcompensating for the stress fractures of my pelvis). Before this, I was a relatively active and healthy kid. I didn’t run cross country or anything, but I sure as heck was never injured! Military doctors told me that I was never going to run again and that were going to medically discharge me. I asked for a chance, and by not much more than the skin of my teeth (17:58 for a 2 mile), I passed. I’ve always had more upper body strength than lower, but I knew something wasn’t right. I was a healthy 18 year old and I was getting injuries Nike Air Max 90 Mens that people twice my age were barely getting.
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