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Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:46 pm Reply with quote
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The autumn wind is bleak, the autumn is thick, and there is a circle of leaves and swirls. It causes my thoughts to be cool, one flower and one grass, one leaf and one wood, but everything that exists in this world has its own temperature. The flaming maple leaf is hot, and the spring water is cold. Some people are passionate and some are cold. Then, it will be intertwined into a cold state. The fallen leaves could no longer withstand the ravages of the autumn wind, and her last strength disappeared. It reluctantly, reluctantly left the branch, the wind dragged her, and danced the last dance. Have you ever remembered that she has explored the delicateness of her head in the spring? Have you ever remembered that she has a strong stretch in summer? Between the strangers, this little beauty may trigger a poetry of the writer, which may mobilize the child's pleasant mood. However, when her style is no longer, when the line will be on the wood, who else has tears to appreciate her dancing, sorry for her, lament? The heat and the cold are strange and tearful. In the eyes of Zhang Xiaofeng Marlboro Red, life is like a mat. In the midsummer, it always complains that it can't give more coolness; in the early fall, it complains that it is too cold. The world is hot and cool, this is by no one, just as the grief of the mat, the falling leaves. The ants that lived to the bottom of the tree and the blue whales that grew up in the sea, life is only precious once for any creature on the earth. The fallen leaves, lying quietly on this gracious land, felt the loss of life a little, waiting for the coming of death. Unable to escape, she was calmly faced; unable to back down, she resolutely moved forward. At the junction of life and death, she recalls the past, and sighs the old and the future. "Fallen flowers are not heartless things, into Chunni more quadrangle". Her departure is not only a life disappearing in the world, a meteor falling off the sky, but also a most loyal return, a sublimation of life. Endure the hardships that are slowly eroding, only to repay her roots, and to dedicate the last strength of life to the new green of the next generation. "People are inherently dead, or heavier than Taishan, or lighter than Hong Mao." The small leaves, the quiet figure, although there is no mountain and mountain, but there is no loyalty. Thinking of this, I seem to see that the leaves are smiling with tears. The years are quiet, and it is exactly the same sentence that Tagore sums up life and death - life is like a summer flower, and death is as beautiful as autumn leaves. Everyone has a different understanding of things. Abandoning officials to return to the dark, some people think that it is a forgotten to the world, the pursuit of nature is a blessing; some people think that the world is forgetting him, it is the disdain of the world, it is a curse. Walking away from home, some people think that it is a pursuit of dreams, a blessing; some people think that it is a fundamental infidelity, it is a curse. I can't help but ask the little leaves: Do you think that your drifting is a blessing or a curse? In the breeze, I seem to hear her whisper: "It is a curse, but it is a blessing." Can not help but smile - drifting, is the death of life, but at the same time, let the far-off pure land, the first and last Once so close, she was able to smell the fragrance of the earth and grass at the end of her life and lament her life Cheap Cigarettes. The transformation of blessings and sorrows is between the minds. Fenghua is a quicksand, and old is a period of time. At first glance, the leaves seem to be very bleak, but in the eyes of optimistic people, the quicksand slips over the fingertips, which is fresh and refreshing. Fallen leaves, so small, but better than some people. It seems like the water is flowing, and it doesn't light her glory, and she can't take her sunshine. Fortunately, in the case of fallen leaves, it is lighter than water, and it is thicker than the delusion caused by a piece of fallen leaves Marlboro Gold. It contains too much, and it can��t be finished.
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