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sees is much different than the Antonio Brown his teammates see. After one of Brown’s outbursts Kentavius Street Jersey White , during the 2017 season, Clark unloaded on Brown. In the aftermath of Monday’s shocking tale of thrown footballs and missed practices and trumped-up injuries to cover it all up, Clark revisited his thoughts on Brown.And Clark now believes it’s time for the Steelers to move on from Brown.鈥淲hen it comes to just being a good teammate, when it comes to just being supportive, understanding that you鈥檙e trying to achieve one goal, that doesn鈥檛 matter to him,” Clark said of Brown, in an appearance on with Scott Van Pelt. “What matters to him is 19 attempts, 14 catches, 185 yards, two touchdowns against the Saints. That鈥檚 what鈥檚 important to Antonio Brown.”Clark thinks that, at this point, the only solution is to trade Brown to a new franchise.“This is about the fabric of the team,” Clark said. “This is about the guy that goes Facebook Live as your coach is talking and leaks information out of the locker room that never should be there Womens Marquise Goodwin Jersey , this is about the guy that publicly talks about not getting the ball or issues with the offensive coordinator, knocks over garbage cans or knocks over Gatorade bottles and cans because he doesn鈥檛 get the rock. At some point, when you鈥檙e an organization that鈥檚 built on team, organization that鈥檚 built on integrity, you have to show the rest of the locker room that. Will he be good going forward? Probably so. But you have to take that stand.”“You鈥檙e saying shop him?” Van Pelt asked.“You have to,” Clark said. “It鈥檚 time to go.”As mentioned on Monday, the cap charge for trading Brown would be crippling, in excess of $21 million. But there’s one caveat. The Steelers could trade him after June 1 and reduce the cap charge to $7.04 million, with $14.08 million hitting the cap in 2019.Ideally, a new team would get Brown for the bulk of the offseason program. But getting him in June would give a new team a minicamp (at a minimum) and all of training camp. This was always going to be a difficult game for the 49ers to win, but there was an outside chance that the Rams would treat this as a trap game, potentially gifting San Francisco a shot to win.As most of you know, that wasn’t the case. Head coach Sean McVay, running back Todd Gurley and Co. didn’t take their foot off the gas , soundly thumping the 49ers, 39-10. How closely did San Francisco follow the three keys that I laid out before the game?1. Carry over the effort, energy and mojo from Week 6 at Packers.It was like the air went out of the stadium early in the game, as soon as quarterback C.J. Beathard fumbled on the 49ers’ opening drive. All of the momentum that the 49ers could have carried over from the Packers’ game — and the 49ers’ defensive stop —went out the window immediately.Following the opening drive fumble, the 49ers’ offensive drives went: punt, fumble, safety, interception and touchdown. Before fans had a chance to blink, San Francisco was down 22-7 at halftime and the game was all but over. It’s been said time and time again, but San Francisco isn’t good enough to overcome mistakes in their game, with so many key injuries across their team. They didn’t play with the same effort level as in Green Bay, resulting in an embarrassing loss at home. 2. Slow down Los Angeles Rams’ running back Todd GurleyI didn’t think the 49ers were going to slow down the NFL’s best running back, but if they wanted to win the game, they had to stop the Rams’ offensive catalyst. The 49ers’ defensive line did a better job than I anticipated Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey White , only giving up 63 yards on 15 carries (4.2 yards per attempt). The struggles were in the red zone, where Gurley torched the 49ers’ defense for two rushing touchdowns and a receiving touchdown. After rushing for over 200 yards the previous week in Denver, Gurley was certainly corralled by the 49ers’ rush defense — but it didn’t really matter. 3. Involve wideout Marquise Goodwin in the deep passing gameThere’s multiple things that are integral in being successful in the deep ball game — having a strong pass-blocking offensive line, an accurate quarterback, and a speedy receiver that can take the top off of a defense.The problem is that it’s rare in San Francisco that Kyle Shanahan’s offense puts all three of those things together and turns it into a long gain. For a poor offense to have success moving the ball the length of the field, they need to hit on some chunk plays.Wideout Marquise Goodwin stepped up against the Packers, but disappeared against the Rams. After being targeted five times, Goodwin only came up with two catches for 24 yards. That’s not good enough — especially, if the 49ers want to defeat good teams.Sitting at 1-6, the 49ers have a legitimate chance to find a win, as they head on the road to take on the Cardinals, who are just as pathetic seven weeks into the season.
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Excellent post
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