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Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:52 am Reply with quote
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wokgold World of Kings is already available on iOS and Android. World of Kings is an epic multiplayer bag that can be worn in your pocket. Developers are positioning World of Kings as a hardcore role-playing game with an open world not separated by boot screens.

When it was known only as King of Kings 3D (『万王之王 3D) the game already drew a lot of attention even though it was in Chinese. With the English version available in Brazil it was much easier to play this wonderful game.

The gameplay is typical of MMORPG enthusiasts and it gives you the feel of PC online games but I honestly don't enjoy his auto atk mode. In fact I recommend disabling the auto atk of spells and leaving only the basic atk so you can control the gameplay more and not feel wearing boots.

The character creation menu offers players 4 races and 9 class systems that span 27 different classes. Each class has a pack of unique skills and features. A newly made orc or leprechaun will be able to mop up various dances fight other players or simply explore the wokgold world picking up whole heaps of steep loot. By the way the dungeons are only cleared by command (from 5 to 25 players).

The creators promise no pay-to-win and organic pumping based on a cohesive team game. World of Kings is now available for download on the AppStore and Play Market.

Just pay attention to wokgold remember the coupon code amvip you have a 5% discount for all games
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