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In mid-March of every year when the NFL calendar turns Kaleb McGary Jersey , bunches of talented players are out looking for bigger paychecks or greener pastures. Because of the constant pressure to succeed both as a player and as a franchise a lot of times more money is offered to a player in hopes of squeezing the last few drops of talent out of them or a gamble on promise that a player has shown in the early part of their career. Not to mention the growth of the sport creating way more revenue for teams, making salary caps bigger and demand for higher pay leveraged in the player's advantage.As a result of all of this every team at one time or another has doled out a large sum of money to a player on the verge of decline or one that fit into a system and used that to exploit talent that they may otherwise not have. Often ending in a team having to cut their losses with a player and search elsewhere before too much money is dumped into what no longer seems like a viable investment.Scoring often is the name of today's NFL and every year it seems a passer, pass catcher or pass rusher is given a long term contract near or at a nine figure salary. These gaudy numbers though sometimes make a player content with their work and the grind of the NFL schedule is something no longer as interesting as when a player is young and hungry.Here is a list each NFL franchise's worst case of overspending. It’s Super Bowl ad time again. Advertisers of all stripes are vying for the attention of the 111 million viewers expected to tune in. The goal is to be the most-talked about ad over the water cooler – or Slack chatroom – come Monday morning.

From Steven Tyler de-aging for Kia to Amazon’s imagining of different voices for Alexa, here are 10 ads that are likely to be talked about. And if you’re not interested in tuning it to watch the big game on Sunday, you can stream all of these ads ahead of time.


The internet giant’s founder, Jeff Bezos Kendall Sheffield Jersey , stars in this 90-second comedic ad showing different celebrities including chef Gordon Ramsay, actress Rebel Wilson, singer Cardi B and actor Anthony Hopkins subbing in for the voice of Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa.


Anheuser-Busch dispenses with its usual Clydesdales and puppies and instead goes with a 60-second ad that depicts, to the tune of ”Stand By Me,” the company’s program to provide water to areas in need.

Bud Light

The beer brand’s recent ads have centered on a Game of Thrones-like universe that uses the meaningless-but-catchy phrase ”Dilly Dilly.” Now, in a 60-second ad running in the second quarter John Cominsky Jersey , the brand introduces ”Bud Knight,” a heroic character who is ambivalent about helping out in a battle.


The soda maker strives to include everyone in its 60-second ad: people of different ethnicities, someone in a wheelchair and a person who uses the they/them pronoun are all shot at various locations in Mexico clutching or drinking different varieties of Coke.

Doritos & Mountain Dew

The two Pepsico brands have linked spots that show a lip-sync battle between Peter Dinklage, who lip syncs a Busta Rhymes song as a representative for Doritos Blaze, and Morgan Freeman, who lip syncs a song by Missy Elliott for Mountain Dew Ice.


Procter & Gamble’s air freshener tackles toilet humor with a 30-second ad airing in the second quarter. It purports to be a documentary about Dave Qadree Ollison Jersey , whose ”bleep don’t stink.” The kicker: Since your Super Bowl party guests are a bunch of not-Daves, you might want to take other precautions against bathroom odor.


The automaker has enlisted Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler (who last popped up in a Skittles Super Bowl ad two years ago) to promote its Stringer sports car. In the ad, he drives backward so fast that he gets younger thanks to computer-generated magic. In a nod to advertising tropes, the ad also contains a subliminal message if you watch it backward; Kia helpfully provides this version online.

Michelob Ultra

The Anheuser-Busch light beer brand has 30-second ads in the second and fourth quarters starring Chris Pratt . In one he runs and does yoga while singing along to ”I Like Beer,” a remake of a country song from the 1970s.


The soda maker calls back to its past Super Bowl advertising efforts with Britney Spears, Michael Jackson Ed Oliver Jersey , Celtics basketball player Kyrie Irving and Cindy Crawford in a 30-second ad airing right before the Justin Timberlake halftime show.


The maker of car floor mats shows footage of its new factory being built in a 30-second ad in the first half of the game. On-screen text reads: ”At WeatherTech, we built our new factory right here in America. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?” It’s the fifth consecutive year WeatherTech has advertised during the Super Bowl that all of its operations are in the United States.

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