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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:49 am Reply with quote
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Need a versatile set of hair extensions to complement your natural hair? You can’t go wrong with Brazilian hair.

Why is Brazilian hair a better choice than others?
The popularity of Brazilian hair derives from its qualities of being naturally thick and strong. It also tends to be slightly wavy. Where Caucasian hair is relatively weaker and unable to hold a style for a long time, and Asian hair is too straight to be styled easily, Brazilian hair is easily styled. It is high-density hair that comes in a variety of styles: curly, wavy or straight.

When it comes to human hair weaves, Brazilian hair extensions work well because of this variety. Plus it is usually soft to the touch, despite a slight coarseness that allows it to hold styles so well, including gorgeous curls. Its unique luster also makes it look incredibly natural. You will find a variety of colors as well, but you can dye it any way you like. Brazilian hair has evolved to be suited to a climate with much heat and humidity, and is particularly suited for regions with a tropical climate: plenty of humidity and rainfall, and moderate temperatures.

What should you take into consideration when buying Brazilian hair?
The modern market is simply saturated with options for Brazilian hair, from different textures, colors and styles to brands and prices. Do not get overwhelmed, however. When making your purchase, note the texture of the brand first – this is an important yardstick when it comes to quality. Make sure to opt for a texture that’s a good match with the texture of your natural hair. Otherwise, the human hair weave just won’t look like it is growing directly out of your scalp. The weave texture should also ideally complement your physical features.

You also need to determine how much hair you need when buying Brazilian hair. The longer your natural hair, the greater the amount of hair bundles you will need, since longer extensions will often have thinner densities. If you want more than 28 inches of hair, you’ll want at least three to five cheap hair bundles.

The first time you purchase this hair, go for products from a trusted brand in order to ensure hair quality. Look online for companies with BBB accreditation, favorable customer reviews, and which have a history of ensuring customer satisfaction.

Look at the quality of the packaging for further clues about the quality of the product within – small details matter. If you are trying out human hair extensions for the first time, it becomes even more imperative to choose high quality virgin Brazilian hair. It will be worth every cent you pay for it, especially in terms of tangle resistance and longevity.

Don’t buy anything other than virgin or “Remy” hair. Virgin hair refers to hair that has not undergone any chemical treatments, making it natural and easy to work with. Buying high-quality virgin hair should ensure a favorable first experience.

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